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Burn, baby, burn!

Last night, having forsworn SMAC in the name of going to bed early and actually being able to sleep, I ripped a bunch of my CDs and burned some mixes. Nothing fancy; almost all of them were simply compilations of several CDs by one artist that will allow me to avoid skipping from track to track avoiding the songs I don't care for. I did combine the Judas Priest and Halford CDs on one mix, since that way it filled a whole disc, but the others - Roxy Music, James McMurtry and Cracker - are homogenous, though I was pretty tempted to mix some Cake in with the Cracker.

In the end, all this furious musical activity kept me up until about 0100, but I slept like a baby until a thunderclap went off outside the window at 0630. Yeow.
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