November 21st, 2021


A Farewell to Bohemia & Moravia

Slept late into the afternoon after being up late into the morning...for no good reason, really*. Weight was up, but BG and BP were both down. I think I am pretty well done with this flu, although I still felt tired, so much so that I didn't go out today. Tomorrow I'll have to, but that's tomorrow.

Managed to form the Balkan Pact, but as usual the Allies sold out the Czechs and the Nazis ate them. Austria-Hungary did get South Slovenia & the Carpathian Rus out of it, though, and both Romania and Yugoslavia are still in the Pact. I suppose the Nazis will go after Poland next with the help of the Soviets, but I'm not sure what if anything we can do about that.

Did the FMJRA, which was sort of a composite book post/FMJRA since David Drake is hanging up the keyboard; then I took a break to play HoI and after fixing dinner (rice, veg, creamy wild rice soup and a burger patty) did Rule 5 Sunday.

Used the devil's food cake mix in the bread machine, and I'm not crazy about how it turned out. I'm sure it'll do wonders for my numbers tomorrow.

*Actually I was looking up how to start and run an internet radio station, with the intention of transitioning it to an actual radio station. Going to be expensive, but I think it's worth doing.