June 3rd, 2021


Wednesday's child is full of inertia

Picked up a pound yesterday, but my BG was normal. Fixed a pitcher of protein powder, almond milk, cream, and yogurt, and it didn't taste that great. I blame the yogurt. Got to stop putting that in the protein shakes. I futzed around in the morning with various things and eventually went back to bed for a few hours, because once again I'd gone to bed around 0100 and woke up at the disgusting hour of 0700.

It was supposed to be really really hot today (which was another justification for the nap) but as far as I can tell it didn't break 90. Oh well. It's not like I was feeling energetic enough to do anything anyway.The packages at the Post Office will still be there tomorrow.

Trying another iteration of HoI today after giving up on the previous one, where I managed to peacefully acquire Czechoslovakia & Danzig but stalled out along the Benelux borders after everybody got into the act (as usual). This time I did a little better raising a huge army and pulled off both the Anschluss and Sudetenland annexations ahead of schedule, but I misunderstood how war claims and declarations work, so I'm going to be invading Poland in late 1940 instead of late 1939. Oops.

Got an email from the THS principal telling me none of my references replied to her, so I need some new ones. Guess I'll get on that in the morning, maybe with some new references.