July 22nd, 2019


The summer of our discontent

I try not to whine about my financial situation, because it makes other people unhappy, and since the Army's not paying me to do that any more, I don't much see the point. However, there comes a time when the cash isn't flowing, and I am too old and sick to be sleeping in my car or one of the various homeless shelters around here.

The root of the problem is that Social Security's notion of "expedited" and "interim" don't seem to match what's in the dictionary. After getting out of the hospital and acute care in November, I quickly realized that I couldn't return to driving for Uber, and so I put in my paperwork to go back on Social Security disability. The local office convinced me I'd be better off applying for an expedited claim review, partially because I'd be able to collect interim payments until the claim came through. Well, those interim payments ended in May, and SSA still hasn't gotten around to making a decision on my claim. I will note that they've taken four times as long to review the claim than they did to originally approve it back in 2012. I do have unemployment coming in, but that barely covers my rent, never mind the phone, internet, auto & renter's insurance, car payments...

The long and the short of it is that I need help to make rent and pay the bills until 1) Social Security gets its thumb out, 2) somebody in Las Vegas decides they need a 59 year old bookkeeper, or 3) I start making a decent amount of money off the YouTube videos I've been talked into taking a crack at. I'm not going to mess with GoFundMe again; the cut they take off donations is a little high for my taste, and it's just simpler all around to deal with PayPal. Anything over and above living expenses will go toward publishing a short story collection, The Anti-Dog Tank & Other Stories, which I need a graphic artist to finish the cover on.*

TL;dr - I have guns, I'm calling lawyers, just send money. Thanks for your help.

*I also need to finish a couple more stories for it.