August 2nd, 2018

Comfort Eagle

The penultimate move

This originally was going to be a post on e2, but the site ate my draft and I didn't feel like fighting with it...

...anyhow, after a lot of thrashing around on the VA's eBenefits site, I managed to download & print copies of my home loan certificate of eligibility last night, and the loan rep from the credit union who called me just before the close of business got me started on the online application. According to the VA, I could borrow almost half a million bucks, but realistically, I can't make the payments on anything much over $150k, so that's what I'm having my realtor look for. There's a lot of crappy stuff out there in that price range, according to Zillow, but there's some decent places too, so we'll see what she comes up with. Also, today brought a notice from management that I might be eligible for help with relocation, which would be nice.

I'm increasingly depressed about the summer session at UNLV. I can't seem to find the time to do the 4-6 hours of homework I need to do every night just to stay on top of things, at least not if I want to make money to pay bills through Uber and get 6-8 hours of sleep, which I need to keep minimally healthy. I am seriously thinking of dropping a class from the fall term and just going half-time, and ditto for the spring, because this fall I need to get my continuing education done for the 2019 tax season - which will be here in a few months - and of course in the spring it will be tax season. Yay. Giving serious thought to just chucking this whole pursuit of a bachelor's degree and just signing up for CDL training so I can drive trucks for big money, maybe see some more of the country that I haven't seen yet.

I'm fighting the depression with Avi Shmailov's uplifting trance mixes. Maybe I should get some more of them.