April 2nd, 2018


Goodbye To All That

I am a bit hesitant to use this post title, evoking as it does Robert Graves' memoir of disillusionment and horror during the First World War, but it seems appropriate to the circumstances. One does not lightly sever connections established over fifteen years, but when you are turning your back on an organization you once helped build because it has gone horribly astray, well, there's more than enough disillusionment and despair to go around.

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I'm planning on coming up for Anime Fusion in 2019 - the timing is better, since it's not during tax season, and I'd like to see how dejana runs things, maybe help out a little. Going to miss my friends on staff at Detour, but all things considered, I think it's best if I just walk away, if only for a year or two.

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