September 25th, 2017


So why did I join the N3F, anyway?

Surprise and curiosity, initially. Granted that I'm not as prone to doing conventions as I used to be, but back in the day (the 1970s, to be more or less precise) the N3F was kind of a big thing in fandom, and some time after I arrived in Las Vegas and had nothing much to do, I decided to search for it and see if it was still around. Much to my surprise, it actually was, though in a much smaller and weaker form, and mostly on the Internet. One thing led to another, and before I knew it I was appointed head of the Recruiting and Membership bureau, which had been vacant and inactive for quite some time. I did a few things which seemed obvious to me (tweeting and making Facebook posts) and those things brought some people in, and I got the traditional (if virtual) Hearty Handshake and Pat On The Back.

I think the more important question is why I've stuck around for the following two years and am about to send in my six bucks for another year's voting membership. There's a few reasons. First of all, I like the idea behind the N3F - bringing together all types of fantasy & SF fans, whether they're mainly interested in anime, comics, games, media or dead-tree media. Secondly, (and this was very important to me while the Sad Puppies thing was going on) the N3F was and is relentlessly apolitical, which is a pleasant contrast to most of traditional fandom in these decadent and depraved times. Thirdly, I am a sucker for responsibility, and the N3F gives me an opportunity to help rebuild an ancient and honorable fannish organization, which has had some Big Name Fans associated with it in the past and is working on doing great things to help fans in the future.

Hope this answered your question, and if not, I'm certainly willing to talk more about it.
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