May 14th, 2017


A suboptimal Sat'day Night In The City Of The Dead

Much to my annoyance, this song is not saved to my hard drive or my external drive, and I'm not sure I own the CD.

Started the app a little after 2100 after grabbing more breakfast-like foods at Jack In The Box using my BOGO coupon, and proceeded to spend about 45 minutes in the airport staging lot before getting my first rider. This was a foreshadowing of how the night was going to go. There were long stretches of the night (by which I mean up to 30 minutes) where I had no calls. So it wasn't too surprising that I ended the night with only 13 rides for $76; I tacked on another five rides between 0400-0600 but they were all short runs adding up to a mere $20. I did make $28 in tips, though, and the babe count was a respectable 13. All this brings me up to $180 for the weekend.

Couldn't find a flat-head screwdriver, but my NRA knife was sufficient to reset the child-proof locks.

Going to have some yogurt and hopefully get relaxed enough to fall asleep shortly. Hopefully Sunday night will get me over $250, but I'm not going to hold my breath.
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