May 7th, 2017


Another day of staying in and conserving cash.

Woke up around 1100. Weight and BG both lower today; BG in fact was back under 200. Celebrated with eggs and sausage and ham and cheese for breakfast. Fooled around a little bit with the original Bioshock, since Bioshock Remastered is worth every penny I didn't pay for it. The museum of unused ideas in Remasteredwas a pretty interesting conceit, or it would have been if I'd been able to control the trackball better. As for the game itself, I never got past the screen where our protagonist is trying not to drown - it just whitescreened and went back to the main menu. Feh.

Did Rule 5 Sunday more or less on time. Thought about going out for a burger or something, but in the end I stayed in and had a salami & cheese wrap instead.

Tomorrow I'm going to call the credit union about arranging for new wheels, and hopefully they can get me back on the road soonest.