July 20th, 2015

Comfort Eagle

Still the caged bird's got to sing

Weight dropped like a rock today, BG went down a little.

Revised What Did You Do in the Cold War, Dad? for the last time and sent it off to Joy, Andrea and Rick for editing and beta reading. It'll be ready in mid-August, I guess.
Did the In The Mailbox post, went off to Palace Station to stuff myself at the buffet for half off, and then lost $3 at video poker.

Did a little ingressing at the casino as well as some drive-bys on the way home; rebuilt Landmark and the Convention Center, which were missing some of their resonators. Linking and fielding ensued.

Posted a bunch of military life events, including my assignment to the 331st, to Facebook and found several people from that unit I'd lost touch with or hadn't known that well to begin with. Also got friended by Asia Carrera, who I can add to Claudia Christian and Patricia Tallman as awesome women I'll never actually meet in real life.

Started reading the massive Churchill bio by his son Randolph. The structure reminds me a lot of The Patton Papers.