January 16th, 2015

Comfort Eagle

So, Thursday.

Got up, got dressed, and headed into Alexandria yesterday morning to talk with the bankruptcy lawyer. I still need to print out my pay stubs and give him a copy of my current tax return, along with all my bills/dunning letters, but I'll have all that done by the 30th, which is my next appointment, and even be able to throw a couple of Benjamins at my lawyer. After the appointment, since it wasn't freezing outside, I walked for a little while around Old Town and hacked the many L8 portals. Then I came home, ate some yogurt, and headed off to the VA.

That went well. The docs liked the way the wounds are healing - the left one is almost done, mostly dry and shrinking with no depth. The right one has healed to the extent that it's now really three smaller wounds instead of one big one, and while parts of it are still a little deep and wet, it too is coming along. They're talking about having an Actitouch rep come out and see what's wrong with the ones they issued me, which have never worked right. Next appointment is in a month, and I was out of there before 2 PM, which meant I was home in plenty of time.

Aside from the morning hacking in Alexandria, I really didn't do much Ingress yesterday - did some drive-bys in DC and on the way home from the VA, flipped some portals that HTwoO had taken, flipped Freedom Isn't Free, and since I had shields again, rebuilt the home portal. Might go out and do some more hacking and burning today; I badly need to get my supply of shields built back up, otherwise I'm just going to leave a trail of L1s in my path - and I do need to be doing linking and fielding.

Today the only thing on the agenda is laundry and surveys. My khaki shirts have mysteriously disappeared, so I need to cycle the black ones through the washer a little more often until I can get enough Amazon credit to pick up new ones, or lose enough weight to fit into the 3XLs again. Haha, like that's going to happen in the next couple of months.