January 1st, 2015


Happy new year

I spent a good part of yesterday just farting around on Facebook, playing Civicrack and Sword of the Stars, munching pork rinds, etc. and around 2100 cipherpunk pinged me to see what I was up to.
Thus it was that I went forth to Malek's and just hung out for a while doing the conversational thing, and then went out for some Ingressing after getting coffee at the Commerce Street Dunkin.

I'd been out earlier when I went out to get my Balticon membership and request for garnishment hearing in the mail before the Post Office shut down at noon; that was mostly buffing and hacking. The late night run involved a little more shooting things up, but I started running low on bursters and called it a night around 0200, after which I came home and watched the first few episodes of RWBY. This looks like a winner, and I don't know why I waited so long to start watching.

Woke around 1500 this afternoon, spent about an hour paying bills after discovering that my disability check had dropped early, and then headed out to Buffalo Wing Factory. I managed to get a booth even though it was busy as fuck, and while it was technically in Megan's section it was so busy that we maybe exchanged half a dozen words all night. Spent most of my time watching the Ducks utterly humiliate FSU in the Rose Bowl and watched part of the first half of the Sugar Bowl (which the Tide eventually lost to OSU) before going back home by way of Walmart, where I picked up more Diet Coke and protein bars.

Tomorrow, I am off to the laundry and the barber shop, and will put in the last couple hours of Blockworks training before Saturday's meting at the District office as well; probably going to swing by the library and drop off some books as well.