December 11th, 2014


another busy day in the middle of the week

Got everything on the to-do list done except the Block stuff, which I think I'll deal with this morning after breakfast. I have an appointment for a consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer on Friday in Old Town, and we'll see what comes of that. I am hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Saturday I'll be cruising around Reston and possibly Sterling with Mark zorching and rebuilding.

Managed to take care of the Smart Connect payment to PayPal, although it cost me an extra $5 because I had to shift the money via a Green Dot card purchase. Also picked up a birthday card for uncle Brendan, which will get mailed out today - better late than never. I have more than enough cash left in the SunTrust account to cover chikuns today in Chantilly; been a while since I've been to BWF. Block check should show up tomorrow, and I believe I'm going to hang onto that for Christmas stuff. We'll see how that works in practice.

Picked up a couple of books at the library yesterday: Ringo & Cochrane's Sister Time and Hugh Howey's Shift . Am currently in the middle of Sister Time.