December 8th, 2014


Misadventures in the early morning hours

So I came back from doing laundry, did the necessary blogging, and went to make my bed - at which point I realized that somehow, my pillowcases had escaped the laundry basket and had not gotten cleaned. (In fact, I found them later in the footwell of the Toaster's back seat.) This caused a trip to the Fairfax Walmart, which is actually a tad closer than the Fair Oaks Walmart, and I wound up buying a pair of gray pillowcases for each of my pillows. Unfortunately I also bought a large coffee at 7-11 en route -and had to double back home when I found I'd left my wallet on the desk- so between that and the stuff I shouldn't have eaten but did to keep the coffee from eating my stomach, I didn't get to sleep until 0500 and had a BG over 200 when I finally woke up at 1300. On the other hand, I dropped a couple of pounds, so there's that.

Didn't get much accomplished for the rest of the day aside from some surveys, ordering more drugs and bandages from the VA, and copying the two posts I did on the VA at The Other McCain so that they can be inserted into What did You Do In The Cold War, Dad?. Went to dinner with cipherpunk at Malek's and gave him his Christmas present early, and he was every bit as amused and entertained by this year's version as he was by last year's, which is to say considerably.

One of the things that arrived in the mail is a summons to court. I am not sure who this law firm is representing (I suspect Becker) but they want $5000, which is going to completely fuck up the Vegas move. I guess my only option is to declare chapter 7 bankruptcy and maybe (please God) get my student loans discharged as well. That's something I need to call a lawyer about tomorrow or Wednesday; court date is February 19, so I have a little time but not much.

And tomorrow it is off to the tax mines, probably with a stop at the Post Office before or afterwards.