November 30th, 2014


Achievement Unlocked: Agent Recruited

It was, as usual, a good Thanksgiving weekend down at the Taylors' place, the General's problems with Lyme disease notwithstanding; he did his usual excellent job on the Thanksgiving bird, Mark demonstrated his command of the grill by planking salmon on Friday night, and the cream cheese/bacon/pistachio balls were very well received. Maybe I had more red wine than I really should have, and a few more carbs ditto, but by and large my waking blood sugars were tolerable if not good.

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I enjoyed most of the books I mentioned in the pre-Thanksgiving book post except Horus Rising, which was a ponderous, plodding example of Warhammer 40K thud and blunder. I got four chapters in before giving up and reading Virginia Postrel instead.

Already knocked out the FMJRA; going to take a break and then get to work on Rule 5 Sunday.