November 22nd, 2014


The Return of the King

After several days without posting, Stacy returned with a couple of Police Gazette style posts yesterday, which was good to see. I thought he might have fallen ill or something. Probably just overcome by the noxious vaporings of hardcore fundamentalist feminazis. I got the book post up after posting a late Live at Five. So far the income from Amazon for this month is a little over $40, which is good but not great.

The withdrawal from the Cardboard Box Fund showed up in Suntrust, so USAA got paid and I had $20 left over. Some of that went to McD's, some to groceries, and the rest is going into the tank on the way to the Post Office today. That ought to get me to work on Monday, and I expect I'll manage to squeeze in an Emerald Advance once I'm there, which ought to take care of the remaining fallout from last month's PayPal disaster. Speaking of which, I got a new Emerald card, and a notice that Block is switching ATM networks. This isn't terribly relevant to me since I don't take out cash from ATMs most of the time, but it's good to know.

Time to head down to the Post Office and see what (if anything) is waiting for me.

Oops, too late

Music for this post provoked by digex, who posted it on Facebook earlier in the week, and paid for with Amazon credits from Ipsos.

Turns out the post office isn't open on Saturday afternoons any more, but I did retrieve some tape the VA sent me and a confusing letter from the VEC. Apparently Block is supposed to fill out and submit a form about how much I'm working (or not), and while that's happening I don't have to report work searches.

Ingressing took me down Sydenstricker and around Master Trail a few times as I flipped a bunch of froggy portals back to blue; my home portal was not among them, as it's kind of handy to have an enemy L6 portal close at hand. I may go out and blow up Pohick Valley Stream Park later, though, for the exercise if nothing else. I have the AP for L10, but it looks like I'm going to have to spend a couple of days wandering around DC to get my 760 unique captures, since that'll probably take less time than the 1399 control fields or 3510 links. I'm vaguely tempted to see if I can carpool down to Charleston for the anomaly on the 13th, but I really have better uses for my limited cash than that.

As a side note, I find that reorganizing my Thunderbird mailbox so all the alerts from Niantic go straight to a separate folder reduces my stress by orders of magnitude. Also, the mantra I relayed to Mark: "Everything you build will be destroyed. Everything you destroy will be rebuilt. Welcome to Ingress." (HHNKAAD)

While busy flipping the library, St. Andrews, and Rolling Valley Park, I picked up some more books to distract me from the Road To Perdition sequels: Dan Abnett's Horus Rising (The Horus Heresy), Thunder at Dawn by Drake and Flint, which is the first of the Belisarius series, and Drake's What Distant Deeps, which I'm pretty sure I've read but can't remember.

Before I get cracking on the FMJRA, I think I'm going to brew up some tea. It's that time of year, after all. Also, I think I need to get cracking on compiling an index of my book posts at The Other McCain.