November 9th, 2014



Too bad I'm not getting paid for Ingress, because yesterday I would have logged some serious hours. Started by doing some drive-by hacks on the way east to Franconia, where I got gas, flipped a couple of portals (and took down an enemy field) before getting into the serious work of turning the length of Beulah Street blue all the way down to Metro Park. Much linking and fielding was done, and then I went up to St. Lawrence and pronounced Exterminatus on the Front Nine, which some frog had flipped and left as L4s. Which was okay; in the pre-attack hacks, I picked up about 50 L4 resos, which I normally never seem to have enough of.

Rose around 1330 today, drank breakfast, knocked out the FMJRA, and around 1700 went out for burgers and more Ingress. Mostly I just worked the Rolling Valley/Pohick Library/St. Andrews triangle along with Adat Reyim; wound have gone further south but my bladder was demanding attention so I knocked off early and went home to deal with Rule 5 Sunday. Going to lay down a bit before tackling tomorrow's Live at Five.