November 6th, 2014

dead wombat

New gadget in the pipeline

Despite construction on 395, I was still able to get down to the VA, get parked, get checked, and get back on the road by 1400. Good deal.

Dr. Laredo was mostly happy with the state of the leg wounds, but like me is not pleased with the enlargement of the right leg's wound. So he's ordered a new, portable compression sleeve which I'll be wearing for half the day (12 out of 24 hours) which will do some of the work that the whole-leg sleeves I have somewhere in the storage locker used to do. Hope it fits under my work pants.

Went out last night to Walmart for groceries and other essentials like underwear - a lot of what I have in that department is old and holey and needs replacement, so I might as well take care of that now. Also picked up a stylus, though I'm not entirely pleased with it since it's not an exact replacement for the Samsung's stylus and the feel of it is very different. More of a squooshy tip than the hard point of the normal styluses.

Did some Ingress stuff, but it started raining so I didn't do much. Flipped a few portals, claimed a couple that were surprisingly vacant, linked and fielded, and went home feeling that I'd made some progress toward L10, even if I'm not going to make it before the anomaly. And maybe not there either. We'll see; I keep waffling on whether I want to go or not, considering the cash flow...which is not going to be helped by having to take off early the next couple of Mondays for tax class. We'll see how it all works out; giving serious thought to applying for unemployment again. Every little bit helps, after all.