November 2nd, 2014


Sunday before the election

As I said yesterday, today was going to be another day spent almost completely in the bedroom and on the computer. I probably should have spent some time being horizontal and reading, but...meh.
Woke at 1300 - the alarm was set for 1200, but once again I couldn't think of a good reason not to sleep in. Spent most of the afternoon with Civicrack and Game of War, doing the occasional survey, etc., and finally getting around to doing Rule 5 Sunday in the evening before going back to Civicrack.

I managed to not eat everything in the fridge, but that's mainly because aside from the pepperoni stick and the half-pound of turkey remaining in the package - oh, and a skosh of cream cheese- there's nothing left that doesn't require cooking. Half a pound of flax meal and a pound of bacon. So I'll need to stop at Harris Teeter on a work break (or after work) to pick up some almond milk and heavy cream; the rest of the groceries will have to wait until I get off work at the polls on Tuesday night, I guess.

I think I'm going to bite the bullet and cancel out on the anomaly. Even if I tack on a couple more hours of training this week, I'm probably not going to clear $100 in the 11/14 check, and after the USAA payment comes out, I might have enough cash left over to do laundry and buy groceries. Maybe. Also looking at the unhappy possibility that I might have to cash out more of the Cardboard Box fund. It's sitting at a little over $800 right now, of which $38 is cash, and while I hate to pull it out...well, I really am going to need the cash. And since my retirement plan is death anyway, the notion of saving up money for after I stop working seems more than a little nonsensical. If I do want to replace it, well, I suppose I can try to do that during tax season while I'm saving up for Detour, Balticon, Vegas...or maybe not.

Also need to remember to change the Block pay and the Ameritrade withdrawal (when it happens) so that they both go to the Emerald Card, until such time as I decide whether or not I'm going to bother opening a USAA account or not.

Everything isn't complete shit at the moment, even if it looks that way from reading this. My blood sugar numbers have been getting down into double digits, and the weight has been dropping too. I don't know if this morning's 366.6 is any more valid than the 367.6 on 10/27 that turned out to be an outlier, but as long as the slope is down, the individual daily weights aren't all that big a deal. Also, people bought a fair amount of stuff through my Amazon links this month, so at the end of December I'll get $53 and change plus whatever royalties I earned last month off my own book.

Hope 6-7 hours of sleep are going to be enough tomorrow night.