October 27th, 2014


a sedentary Sunday

Managed to get to sleep around ~0300 or so with the help of Klaus Schulze at bedtime, but wound up sleeping until 1400 anyway. I'm feeling more tired tonight, so I expect I'll nod off fairly soon and just get a normal night's sleep for once.

Tomorrow, it's off to the VA, with a stop for gas and Dunkin along the way. I hope to be done and out of DC before the rush hour hits, but just in case, I'm going to pack my water bottle and a protein bar or two. We'll see how that develops.

With the exception of the daily blogging, the day went by without anything constructive being accomplished; I played several games of Civicrack and didn't win any of them, started another which will probably not end well either, but we'll see. Did make more progress on The Guns At Last Light and have started The Two-Ocean War. Hard to believe the latter is over fifty years old; in fact, with a copyright of 1963. it's not too much younger than I am.

Weight sank like a rock this weekend. This morning's weight was 367.6, which is possible; guess we'll see tomorrow. BG was up to 141, though. We'll see if that too reverts to the norm tomorrow.
Forgot to mention yesterday that my Hep C test came back negative. Now to stuff that up Inova's snout so I can go back to donating blood.
dead wombat

Clearing up confusion

Made it down to the VA in plenty of time, found parking in the garage - and found that they'd gotten things all screwed up in the week since I'd been there last. Instead of lab today and clinic on 11/6, they had me scheduled for clinic today and lab on 11/4, which was not going to fly. Fortunately, a nurse managed to get it straight, I got my legs scoped out (tech says veins look mostly okay) and even managed to get out before rush hour became too bad, though I did have to make a move since North Capitol and New York Avenue were pretty f'd up.

Crashed early, perchance to rise, blog, and nap again before work.

Morning weight was 370.2, which seems more reasonable than Sunday's 367.2...