October 23rd, 2014


Sedentary Thursday

Stayed in today and didn't really do much of anything; mostly weeded my various in-boxes, did stuff on Facebook, and read the second volume of The Mongoliad. I did get the book post up shortly before the site went down, and now that it's up I suppose I'll get Live at Five done before I go to bed.

Speaking of which, I woke up at noon today after going to bed around 0400 and falling asleep around 0500. BG was down almost into the normal range (121 this morning) and the weight a little under 373. Didn't eat much today, so I expect both numbers will be lower by tomorrow morning.

Niantic has fiddled with Ingress slightly so we'll get more bursters and AP for attacking enemy portals. I have a good mind to do just that, but I should really reserve my last $8 for commuting fuel, since I have another run to the VA and a work shift next Tuesday - and next Friday's paycheck will only shrink the hole in the checking account, not eliminate it.