September 24th, 2014


Goodnight, sweet OOK.

P let me know the other day that Judie Cilcain, who was a fellow member of Stipple-APA and onetime Official Collator (thus the OOK) of same, had died, and pointed me to this LJ entry where gerisullivan shared some memories of their friendship.

I don't know if I could honestly say Judie and I were friends, certainly not close friends, but she was a friendly, great-souled woman who could be firm without being harsh,among other wonderful personality traits. She was possessed of a dry wit and a gift for puns that often manifested itself in her apazines and post-collation conversations; she and her husband David Cargo often hosted StippleAPA collations at their house, and I always felt welcome there. Perhaps most importantly, she and David were kind to P and I in the very difficult years between 2000 and 2003 (inclusive) when we needed kindness very badly and weren't finding a whole lot of it.

Since I stopped contributing to StippleAPA a few years ago when the money got tight and depression got in the way of apahacking in a timely manner, I wasn't aware that she'd been stricken with pancreatic cancer, and died hard. God's judgment is better than mine, but for what my opinion is worth, I would have thought she'd deserved to die peacefully in her sleep if anyone did.