July 12th, 2014


unwell on the weekend

Was pretty tired and punchy by the time I got home with all my clean laundry last night, so of course I made the mistake of getting on Facebook, which cost me more sleep. So it wasn't too surprising that I overslept this morning, felt like shit when I did wake up, and decided to call in sick. That's five hours I won't get back, but I'll try and make up for some of it tomorrow when I log in to get some of the Blockworks WBT assignments done.

The book continues to do well, if not as well as yesterday; nine more copies got sold today, and my editrix is starting work on the Smashwords edition, which will be posted for sale once my ninety-day exclusive commitment to Amazon has expired. First priority is finding a better pic of the Falangist flag, because the one I used for the original cover is distressingly low-rez. Several bloggers linked to Stacy's review, and one of them not only bought a copy and read it, they wrote me a five-star review. :)

I also started serious work on What Did You Do in the Cold War, Daddy?: saved the existing Word file as a plain text file, and I'll be going through that to apply the recommendations of Building Your Book for Kindle as best I can, since it's aimed mainly at Word 2010 users and I absolutely despise that edition - which is why I've stuck with Office XP. We shall see what we shall see, and in the meantime, I'm soliciting amusing tales from my comrades-in-arms.

Aside from that, I spent a lot of time on Facebook today, part of it chatting with people, and managed to get the FMJRA out on time for the first time in a while.