May 27th, 2014


Anime Detour 2014 AAR

Yeah, it's a few weeks late, but April was hella busy and once we got into May I kept forgetting. Quit whining about the free ice cream, already.

I've already discussed the beginning and end, and the middle...well, the two major events for me were the "Politics in Modern Japan" panel with angeljuliet, which had a small but very active turnout, and the "Diet and Diabetes" panel with gohanvox, which also had a small turnout, but we did reach at least one fan with the message. Kyle and I are talking about doing the panel at AMA, which is going to involve a drive (and maybe an overnight stay) to Richmond, and we'll see how that goes. As for the rest of the convention, I spent a lot of time with jtrainor, which was good, and not so much with my other AD droogs, which was unavoidable, really.

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So, back on staff and registered for next year. Won't be attending Katsucon next year, so I should have more cash for Detour and Balticon.

And now it's starting to rain, so I think I'm going to head on home; the traffic should be all cleared up by now.