May 13th, 2014


Like I need a hole in my head

Yesterday Ann, a no doubt well-meaning member of MNSTF, messaged me on Facebook with a bunch of gossip about animaltofriends and her current unpleasant situation, and asked if I had contact info for any of her relatives. I was perhaps more polite than I should have been, because it took me a couple of exchanges to convince her that I wanted no part of what was going on, and if jtrainor needed anything from me, he knew where to find me.

As I observed to Carlos today, it sure is interesting how none of these damn people came forward when the ex and I were breaking up, but now that it's one of their friends having a problem they want me to lend a hand. Well, piss on that noise. I owe NOTHING to anyone up there but the back of my hand, aside from my Detour people , huladavid, and maybe the Stipple-APA crowd, though I haven't heard from any of them in quite a while.

Seriously, this grinds my gears, and I don't find anything about it humorous in the least. People need to fuck off and die in a fire; eating a bowl of dicks would be too good for them.

The radiator being solidly attached to the frame by a large number of severely rusted 11mm bolts, and the stereo being trapped under a bunch of plastic & trim, Carlos didn't manage to get anything done with the Toaster today, but he did apply some shrink tubing to the nose hose's business end, so that doesn't leak. He's going to be busy tomorrow, so I'll head back up there Thursday morning bright and early, or at least early. I didn't have any plans for today anyway, so hanging around Weber for half the day was no big deal. Went home, had a late siesta, and went out to do laundry after waking up at 2000 or so.