April 22nd, 2014


Interim report

So, I've been taking 5-HTP at bedtime for a while now, and on balance it seems to be doing me a lot of good. In combination with my usual caffeine intake, it seems to make my brain run somewhat more efficiently, and when combined with theanine (usually in the form of canned Arizona Diet Green Tea) it enables me to attain absolutely crushing levels of productivity. Which is something I think I'm going to need this summer while working part-time in the tax mines and finishing off the AAS at NoVa. (Or not; the VRAP program seems to have expired in March.) Probably unrelated: cranked out a few hundred words last night for Blood Red Skies.

In other news, I called stuckintraffik to see if he'd take care of getting me registered at this weekend's post mortem, and after he agreed, I wrote out a check to ATC and dropped it in the mail on the way back from doing laundry. Still no jacket.

Tomorrow I'll start packing for the Portland Excursion; going to shift some music and Delta Green PDFs to the DeathPad since the Kindle doesn't handle PDFs all that well. For now, it is time to blog.