April 20th, 2014



The lesson we have learned is that just as with potato chips, one does not eat just one section of a Ghirardelli 72% cacao chocolate bar. Only put on 1.5 pounds, but I would have been better off not eating it at all and keeping off the weight.

Slept in until noon again, did breakfast, and wasted a couple of hours on Civicrack before throwing down on the long-delayed Rule 5 Sunday. Going to start working shortly on tomorrow's Live at Five, the first in I can't remember how many days.

After posting Rule 5 Sunday, I took the garbage out and headed for Red Robin. Unfortunately, the dinner experience was affected for the worse by two middle-aged women who spent their entire time bitching loudly about their soon-to-be exes and reading text messages out loud. As I remarked on FB, I should have just gotten a doggie bag and gotten the f*ck out. That having been said, the burger and salad were excellent as usual.