March 7th, 2014


Some days start with massive suck.

And this Friday was one of those. Sure, I got plenty of sleep after finishing Live At Five (and On The Razor's Edge) ; sure, I managed to catch breakfast and refill the Toaster en route to work, but then the rest of the day was just one pain in the ass after the other, a long string of 90, 120 and 180-minute appointments crammed into six hours by CSPs who evidently gave no fucks. This is going to change, if I have to maim some people to make it change. I only cashed out two returns today, but fortunately they were fat ones (and I left early besides) so I made my nut. Also worth noting is that as of this paycheck, I am finally in the black w/r/t draw already paid vs. commission owed. Considering how the schedule is starting to stack up with Larry out for the season and Marcia out for at least the next week or two as she tends to family calamities while walking off her malaria, I'm not too worried about finishing the season with a decent chunk of change, which will probably be sunk into the Toaster, with Vegas and Balticon next in the priority list.

About the only bright spot in the day was a post-work massage, which erased a couple years worth of tension from my back and shoulders and will probably help the lymph nodes in my legs work a little better to boot. I also managed to conform to the Law of the Fish, which in my case is kind of optional, but I figure I need all the help I can get at this point.

The HD/OS order from Amazon got derailed because I didn't have enough flex in the store card to make it go, which would enable me to postpone paying for them for six months.* This has been corrected, and I'll resubmit the order when the payment posts.

Tomorrow, it's back to the tax mines. There may be blood.

*By which time something else (like the motherboard) will probably have failed. :(