February 20th, 2014


Katsucon XX AAR - A Supposedly Fun Thing That I May Never Do Again

With no apologies to Chuck Klosterman, who is a Terrible Writer.

Katsucon is the first large convention I've ever been to, and while they haven't gotten around to releasing final attendance numbers, I think it's fairly safe to say there were at least 15,000 people at the Gaylord for this year's version. Given that this year's experience was pretty much a mixed bag, I'm not sure I'll be going back next year, especially if this year's roommates insist on taking a room at National Harbor, where rates start at extortionate and finish in OMFG territory even with the convention discount. On the other hand, considering parking fees and associated overdrafts ate $200 that I had other plans for, maybe staying at the Marriott Residence across from the Gaylord might not be such a bad plan after all...but I'm getting ahead of myself.
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tl;dr - while there was a buttload of programming (six panel tracks, not including the three academic tracks or the kids' track or the three workshop tracks) and four enormous video rooms, not a whole lot of it was relevant to my interests, and it seemed that way too much of what I would have liked to have seen was at some God-awful hour of the morning, i.e. before noon. There was also (aside from the academic panels) not much in the way of adult programming that wasn't about sex. If I were going to be staying in the DC area past next summer, I might be motivated to get involved and change some of this, but I'm not. Going to have to think long and hard about whether I want to do this again next year, especially with the prospect of more expensive hotel space.
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