February 2nd, 2014

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Obligatory snark about the Super Bowl

Oh, man, what an ugly game that was - and I only saw the second half, on account of going out to the Wing Factory for divers purposes.* I cannot help thinking of Bill James' comment to the effect that God is not always prompt about punishing us for our sins, but He seems to make an exception in the case of hubris, and as Bill observed, He gets right on that shit and lays down the divine smackdown unto the sinners, yea, even unto their fans. I am speaking, of course, to the shabby treatment of Tim Tebow by the Denver Broncos in 2012; having been brought in as a desperation move when the first-string Broncos QB turned out to be almost completely worthless, the unconventional young Christian led Denver into the playoffs. For which he was rewarded by the Denver GM, one John Elway, by being informed that the team would no longer require his services since they were going to blow a few bazillion shmuckers on the surgically-repaired neck of Peyton Manning. And Tebow bore his trade to the Jets with good grace even though the Jets had no idea what to do with him, and in turn dumped him for an untried rookie. The Patriots looked at him in the pre-season and decided that he wasn't a good fit for the team.

And so it was that this season the Jets blundered about in confusion and darkness, as is their wont, and never got within smelling range of the playoffs. As for the Patriots, they did make the playoffs, but were beaten by the Broncos in the NFC championship game...and the Broncos, of course, went on to be completely humiliated by Seattle. Coincidence? Maybe so. But whether one believes in karma or not, screwing over key players like Tebow is bad juju, and comes back to hurt a team sooner or later. Me, I think the Lord wanted to teach John Elway and the Broncos a little lesson in humility, right there on national television. How'd that taste, guys?

*to celebrate P's birthday in absentia and see how the WGW was doing.
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