December 7th, 2013


Library gets

This is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, of course, and if I hadn't been aware of that already for other reasons, all the pics and posts on Facebook would have reminded me.
Forgot to pack the finished books (with the exception of Under A Graveyard Sky and the Vietnamese books) with me on my outing today, but I'm sure I'll be finished with some of this lot before the 11th. Anyhow, without further ado:

I've been told the last one is pretty good, but since I don't know the opiner's taste in books well, we'll see. Also, having read he first two volumes, I HAVE to read the third.
Still chugging through Von Ryan's Express, and before I tackle the FMJRA, which looks to be a right pain in the ass this week, I think I'll kick back and read some more of it.

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