November 21st, 2013


back in the high life again

Logged on to EVE today for the first time in about half a year, used part of chocol8fiend's 2 BILLION isk to buy a Plex, and I was off and running. All told I spent about five hours on my main and my alt, restarting various PI production chains, selling off excess things, and not getting blown up. A good first day back in the game. Big ups to thaadd for pointing me in the right direction to take advantage of the Hours for Plex plan that CCP stuck in there while I wasn't looking.

Went to BWF and ate massive quantities of chikins soaked in delicious sauces, after which I went to Walmart and discovered that their almond milk and heavy cream are more expensive than at Harris Teeter. Welp. Still managed to pick up half a gallon of the former and a pint of the latter, which should get me through next Wednesday easily.

Also, posted a fisking of some dumbass' post-modernist attack on McDonald's, or rather the people who eat there.

Now I am for bed, for there's more blogging to do in the morning, and then I'll see if I can blow things up in space and not get myself blown up in the process.
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