November 1st, 2013


...and into the weekend

Thank God that's over with. After a futile attempt to tape together two large shipping boxes to send the busted chair back to Amazon, I was saved by a staffer at Staples who knocked the foot-star off with a tire iron, dismounted the cylinder from the seat with a DeWalt power screwdriver, and brought me a couple of empty chair boxes to replace the mess I 'd brought in. Didn't even have to buy a new roll of packing tape. After that I came home and crashed, but only for about four hours; woke up around 0100 and after a couple hours wasted on the internet am finally going to buckle down and do Friday's Live at Five.

Yesterday also saw the acquisition of new shoes, roughly $60 worth of protein bars and other groceries, and some cleaning supplies for the bathroom (toilet bowl cleaner) and myself (wet wipes). After I woke up, I bought the last two Ultravox! (not to be confused with Ultravox) albums, Systems Of Romance and Ha! Ha! Ha!, which will fill gaps in the music inventory. Thought about picking up Rome: Total War - Gold Edition as well, but I'm thinking it would make more sense to wait and see if a new video card brings the Gateway desktop back into service. It looks like it would run okay on the netbook, but still...nah. Not now.

So, on the agenda for today: blogging, going out to the Post Office to retrieve a package (and hopefully a check), taking in Ender's Game, and attending RS' birthday party, which interestingly enough is being held at a Chinese restaurant a couple doors down from the complex in Crystal City where I lived for about a month. In between the blogging and everything else, 6-8 hours of sleep.