October 18th, 2013


less crap, more weekend

Trying out the LJ app for Android,  which at first glance seems to be better than the WebOS version.
Landlady turned out not to have a plunger either,  but she went out and got one,  and I promptly declogulated the toilet. Bagged up all the trash in the Toaster, picked up bandages at the Post Office, and ate a sizable lunch at CFA, where I'm killing time until I need to head for DCA and wait for P to arrive.
Got more dox from Block last night,  which I signed and returned; as I suspected, the rumors about PYE pay going away for people with less than 10 years were true. On the other hand Emerald card incentive went up to $7 and it looks like the certification pay went up a wee bit as well, so on balance it's all good.
Not sure when I'm going to squeeze in the FMJRA, Rule 5 Sunday,  and/or the book post this weekend.