October 2nd, 2013


Alternatives to Obamacare

Something you hear all the time from the Democrats and their media allies is that Republicans don't have a plan to offer as an alternative to ObamaCare. Setting aside for the moment the basic proposition that most Republicans and libertarians don't think government ought to be involved in health care to start with, there have in fact been a number of alternatives advanced by think tanks and state governments. Michigan's Senate is considering a pair of bills to get people off Medicaid and change medical insurers back to risk management from their present benefits management orientation; the keystone of the plan is a combination of high-deductible catastophic insurance policies and health savings accounts. Paul Ryan and others have suggested converting the business tax credit for health insurance to a portable, refundable tax credit for employees. There's also Dr. Tom Price's HR 2300, which combines Ryan's notion with medical tort reform so as to cut down on defensive medicine. There's also the proposal from the Republican Study Committee.

I found all of these with less than a minute's search on Bing.

So if you hear that the GOP has not alternatives to Obamacare, you're either listening to a Democrat or somebody who doesn't know WTF (BIRM).