September 27th, 2013


away from home (again)?

P noted yesterday that I need more face time with the people on this list, which is not always possible since some of you live way the fuck off in the People's Republic and others are just insanely busy. This came up after I mentioned that if the job prospects didn't improve I might consider moving to Las Vegas, where the cost of living is lower (fuck, where is it NOT lower than DC? Okay, NYC and SanFran, both of which I would sooner shoot myself than move to) and the multitude of friends who live in this space heater next to my desk will be just as close as they ever are. Obviously, this does not apply to those of you who I see at least monthly or quarterly, but as for the rest of you...well, I do miss the opportunity to sit and chat over breakfast or an overpriced large $tarbux ice tea once in a while. In the meantime, I have to weigh the costs and benefits of remaining somewhere insanely expensive on the off chance that I'll be able to see some close friends once a year or so.

I won't lie, I am seriously considering a move to Sin City, because in truth the cost of living there is hella lower than it is here. I could get a decent apartment there for the cost of what I'm paying for this bedroom. Of course, there are other considerations: how much income would I lose from Nevada's lack of income tax if I shift my Block practice down there, as opposed to what I save in not having to pay a state income tax? There is also the additional hassle of having to attend a class for CCW training, since Virginia doesn't have reciprocity with Nevada, but that's a minor consideration. And then of course, there are moving expenses, but if I economize on the wild life I'm living (sic), I could raise the couple of grand it would cost me to ship all my stuff to Las Vegas.

It's something to think about.