September 15th, 2013

dead wombat

at last my arm is whole again

Thank God, the problem with Learned Cow turned out to be the power supply after all. brian_edminster popped the old one out, stuffed the new one in, and did a little cleaning of the CPU and its cooling fan while he had the hood off. Now it's home, sitting next to the desk and humming along happily.

Wish I could say the same. The lack of sleep meant I drank way too much coffee and Diet Coke and Coke Zero yesterday, and I still had problems with microsleep on the way home. Made it home, fought with the electronic deadbolt some before it let me in, and was so tired I forgot to take my shoes upstairs until this morning. Slept for about 12 hours, stumbled downstairs to fix a large mug of Sumatra and protein shake (without the egg; totally unable to deal with raw egg this morning) and now I'm upstairs, feeling more than a little scattered and hoping my stomach will shut up and leave me alone for a while. I probably need more water. Lots more water.

Weight went back in the right direction today after three days of wrongness. Might could get under 360 by the end of the month after all, fluid retention or no.

Got to do the blogging and put out the garbage tonight, and pack up the laptop along with the peripheral stuff I won't need until next time the Gateway fails, which will hopefully not be for years.