September 13th, 2013


Well, that sucked.

Today I did something I hadn't done in quite a while, which was go back to bed after finishing the morning blogging. This meant skipping the morning coffee, and I'm still not sure that was a good thing, even though I probably wouldn't have gotten to sleep if I had had it.
Anyway, I slept until almost 1600 after going back to bed around 0800.

Weight was up again this morning. Not sure if it was due to an excess of chikuns yesterday or just ongoing fluid retention in the legs, which looked unpleasantly plumper than they had yesterday. Doubt if it was a whole kilo's worth of fluid, though I could be wrong.

Didn't get to the post office until this evening, where I found an inquiry letter from the VEC that had a suspense date of today. Oops. Guess I better call in first thing in the morning Monday and hope for some slack. Evidently they have some questions about my self-employment, which ought to be easy to answer since I'm basically making no money off it and technically (if you consider the late fee I owe Alexandria) am very likely in the hole. Anyway, I submitted resumes to SunTrust and a couple of other places (including NVCC, LOL) that are looking for accountants and bookkeepers, and that will go in Sunday's report.

A buddy of mine is trying to clear out his collection of RPG stuff, and I offered to relieve him of his Twilight:2000 stuff, which offer he happily took me up on. The odds of me actually doing anything with it are minimal, but you never know. I am thinking there's a novel in the back of my head waiting for me to file the serial numbers off T2K and get to it...arguably, there are pieces of that novel in e2 here and there, but much like the current novel, knitting it all together is a real effort. We'll see how it all goes; as much as I would like to write more in the post-apocalyptic America wracked by a three-sided civil war, I feel obligated to finish Blood Red Skies first.

And that was my Friday the 13th. We'll see how the weekend goes.