September 6th, 2013


It Had To Happen

I collected a 12-hour ban from Facebook today for something I posted a couple of weeks ago. Apparently FB mods can't distinguish between faggots (of wood) and faggots (derogatory term for homosexuals). So much the worse for them. I blame mzmadmike for leading me into temptation and myself for actually following...nah, not really. FB mods are dumbasses who need an education. Maybe they'll get it through their heads, and in the meantime, I'll devote myself to more productive (or entertaining) pursuits.

In the meantime, yesterday was pretty busy, even if I didn't get everything done I originally planned to do. Missed the Post Office, but did hit BWF for chikins and Harris Teeter for groceries - mostly yogurt and Diet Coke and almond milk; will be using my Walmart gift card to pick up lunch meat tomorrow or maybe later tonight. We'll see. Anyway, after getting home from Harris Teeter, I crashed hard and slept until 0130, at which point I got up, did blogging, and then went back to sleep for another seven hours. Now here I am, puttering along...

Worth reading: Casey Neumiller's Dead Man's Fugue, which I received a review copy of and enthusiastically recommend to those of you who like SF adventures. Set in a time after Earth has fought a colonial war against its interstellar colonies (and lost badly), it concerns one Rake Weston, ace pilot, who wakes up in an insurance facility in a new body and with all sorts of folks gunning for him. Too bad he doesn't know the reason why. Neumiller's debut is a non-stop thriller, reminiscent of many of the grand masters and yet unmistakably his own; for the price, it's a hell of a bargain.