August 11th, 2013


A Saturday full of friends

So yesterday's plan was to get up early, pack up Learned Cow, drive up to Baltimore for a.f.u. no Breakfast, and then head over to brian_edminster's place for grilled Bambi and computer diagnostics. In the middle, I'd hoped to drop by and visit some friends in Columbia. Got about two-thirds of that done...
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All those calories (and unfortunately some extra carbs from all the half & half in all the coffee I drank, and a grilled onion besides) added up to an additional 1.5 pounds this morning and a BG of 113, which is still normal but way above what it's been this last week. I'm confident that I'll have that number down and the weight with it fairly soon.

*His shirt had a pic of a female chicken wearing a necktie.