August 4th, 2013


Something tells me I've seen this before

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I thought I might have read 1635: The Cannon Law before, and I was right. Good book; Andrew Dennis and Eric Flint write very well together.

Whoever owns the rights to Orange Crush, Wyler's, and Hawaiian Punch have a good thing out there with their new "flavor enhancers". I picked up the Orange Crush and Wyler's peach-flavored ice tea Friday and some seltzer water yesterday, and after an unfortunate incident involving a liter of vanilla-flavored Polar Seltzer and the Orange Crush, I've got the knack of adding the enhancer without creating an instant fountain. It's a good alternative to paying far out the ass for Diet Crush, and mixing the Crsuh flavoring with vanilla seltzer results in a decent approximation of a Dreamsicle.
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