August 2nd, 2013


Busy Friday

Clearly I need to start doing something different at BWF. Yesterday's trip there set me back almost four and a half pounds on top of the pound I put on Thursday morning. BG was still okay, but I need to get the weight down too, and this isn't the way to do it. Too much of anything = bad.

Folded up all my AD T-shirts and stuck them in the spare suitcase, and took that back to storage. Would have taken the box full of books and DVDs as well, but it was a bit much to handle along with the suitcase and shoes. There's always tomorrow. Picked up the mail (nothing of significance), got my free chicken salad sandwich and the usual at CFA, picked up a mess of groceries at Harris Teeter, and then headed on home. Going to be eating a lot of dairy product and turkey pastrami over the next week or two, and probably gnawing on protein bars for the rest of the month unless some additional cash flows in. I am returning the shoes I ordered from Amazon (sadly they are 13M instead of 13W) and they've already credited me the purchase price as a gift card. I may order a cheap computer desk -hey, it cost less than the shoes, so I'll come out ahead, kind of- and bring one of the chairs back from storage, because while the current arrangement works, and is even more comfortable than the old setup which had me working from my bed, unfortunately getting in and out of the beanbag chair is still a pain. At least the new USB keyboard works, though it takes a bit of getting used to after a couple weeks bashing the netbook's kibo.

I'm currently re-reading David Drake's Redliners, which is free for the Kindle, and gets name-checked in Wikipedia's article on the Anabasis...which oddly makes no mention of The Forlorn Hope, which has a lot closer resemblance to Xenophon's tale. I would go so far as to say it's a remake of the Siberian Anabasis of the Czech Legions, only with the mercenary protagonists fleeing through a colony settled by Czechs as opposed to the Czechoslovak Legion fighting its way through Siberia. Speaking of Drake, it looks like he'll be in town for the World Fantasy Convention, but at $175* that's a little rich for my blood. Especially since I have a bridge I need to be saving money for.

Tomorrow I'll probably visit the library to swap books and the storage locker to drop stuff off.