June 24th, 2013


We interrupt this delayed viewing...

Went over to Mark's for Game of Thrones and dinner, both of which were good, and conversation ditto. Unfortunately he'd forgotten to record the next-to-last episode, the one with the Red Wedding, so I'll have to wait for that and the season finale until HBO starts its reruns.

Going into this last week of June, my weight is 383.9 and the BG spiked to 129, which is not good, but I've been doing stuff and drinking fluids so both of those numbers ought to look better tomorrow morning. Still got a shot at finishing the month at 379 or better, despite the protein bar fiasco.I think the answer to that problem involves picking up some almond milk and using that to wash down the breakfast bar, along with a mug of coffee, but that solution's going to have to wait for next month's check.

Hauling Carlos into the VA tomorrow at noon. Hope 395 is reasonably clear, because it's going to be nasty hot tomorrow, and the Toaster doesn't like the heat, no not at all. Neither do I, really; despite the blackout curtain and the fans, it's gotten way too close to 90 in here lately, and I may be spending more afternoons at the library with the netbook.

Finished the Assassin trilogy last night (Prayers for the Assassin, Sins of the Assassin, and Heart of the Assassin) but since people have been bugging me to do more book posts at Stacy's place I'll save my comments for this week's instance. I may also do a post on this kerfluffle, which I vaguely remember ursulav mentioning, since it seems to have that fish, barrel, BOOM quality about it.