June 21st, 2013

the mark

His heart is better, but his work ethic still sucks.

Not very charitable of me, I suppose, but I was hoping to see Fred get back to regular posting of strips now that he's had his surgery.

Instead, we get this: Megatokyo Visual Novel Game, which has easily raised more than enough money on Kickstarter to get done with a host of playable characters. Which I guess is cool, but it makes me more pessimistic about the chances of Fred actually finishing the strip before he dies or loses interest a la Rumiko Takahashi.


That went pretty horribly. A couple of years ago, I had great success with the low-carb diet, and a big part of that success was protein shakes made with almond milk, whey protein powder, and some other ingedients all blenderized into a cool and nourishing fluid eminently suitable for breakfast. Since I don't ave kitchen or fridge space here to do that, I thought I would vary the approach using protein bars. First day's experiment ended badly due to portion control failure; we'll try it again today and not stay up so damn late.

Elsewhere, I posted about technothrillers at Stacy's.

A lot of otherwise sensible people are cheering this on, since obviously only the EEEEVIL corporations will be affected. Silly rabbits. It's a poor knife that only cuts one way, and the same is true of the law.