June 14th, 2013


Farmville in Space, revisited

I've been getting back into EVE now that the Internets are back on,* mostly just futzing around making isk so I can blow it all later on command ships as I lead my fellow EW pilots to death and/or glory, but I've also done a little ratting and plex running for the sake of variety and more isk.

There have been more than a few changes since the last time I played, but they're mostly good changes; the graphic interface is cooler and clearer than it used to be - for one thing, they moved the undock button from the lower left-hand corner of the screen, where I was constantly clicking it by mistake, to the formerly wasted space under the corporate symbol in the station display. CCP also improved the combat displays and did the usual buffing/nerfing dance that this time around changed destroyers from being glass cannons into decent warships and made cruisers a lot more fun, i.e. destructive. They also got rid of the confusing ship tier system which probably only made sense in the original Icelandic, and broke up some generic ship skills so that one skill won't allow you to fly (for example) destroyers of all four races just because you have Destroyers trained.

I have to hand it to CCP. They started out just as clueless and moronic as every other game company but have been doing some really sharp things in the last few years. EVE is a much better game than it was when I started playing back in 2007. The learning curve is still pretty nasty, but it's a lot easier if you have friends.

*Playing EVE over commercial wifi connections is a bad, bad idea. I lost a number of moderately expensive ships this way when I was a n00b.
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