June 10th, 2013


Spring monsoons

Woke late this morning and headed up to the county library to return the three John Wright books I had and get caught up on my blogging; the Rule 5 Sunday post was already overdue, and I needed to get started on tomorrow's Live At Five. I also have a couple of posts I need to get done about the current Snowden/NSA flap and technothrillers, but those can wait.

Speaking of those Wright books, as I was in the last post, I finished up The Hermetic Millenia, and give it a thumbs-up. I also reserved the sequels to The Golden Age and will be picking those up at the library presently. Also downloaded Ready Player One, which got good reviews at PRSFS from people I respect. It'll be a nice change from Catching Fire, which is becoming nightmarish. As Kid Rock says, "...when it's real - you'll feel it," and I am definitely feeling it with this second novel in the Hunger Games trilogy.

Going to head home shortly and hit the sack, perchance to sleep some before waking up and finishing tomorrow's Live At Five, after which I'll clean up and take Carlos in to the VA so they can do whatever it is they're going to do tomorrow before cracking his chest and sticking a second stent into his cardiac arteries.