May 11th, 2013


one of those seasons

For various and sundry reasons, I haven't been as involved with baseball as I have been in past seasons. Haven't signed up for a fantasy baseball league, haven't dug the radio out of storage so I could listen to the Nationals, haven't even been reading the various baseball websites I have bookmarked on a regular basis. No particular reason why, either; just haven't spent the time on preparing for the season as I normally do. Still planning on getting downtown to see a few games and/or down to Woodbridge to see the P-Nats, but they aren't hard and fast plans; don't have any games picked out and don't feel any great urgency about it, either.

Some years are like that. I suppose I should be more fired up, since the team is all WORLD SERIES OR BUST, but frankly there's been too much going on what with tax season and Detour and illness and trying to pull things back together after being sick and disorganized for most of a month. Maybe I'll catch baseball fever later in the summer. We'll see.
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