April 30th, 2013


Home again

Got home from Dulles about half an hour ago, thanks to Mark T, who selflessly drove up from Luray where he was boxer-sitting for the General to the airport and delivered me to the Toaster (parked at his place) so I could motor on home while he headed back to the farm to keep Princess company. This I then did, stopping briefly at Wendy's en route for a Double with mayo to buffer the evening drugs, including minocycline. I have unpacked most of my backpack and will shortly be unpacking my CPAP machine so I can nod out for a good 8-10 hours or so.

Going to purge my LJ and Facebook friends lists over the next couple of days of Minneapolis folks who couldn't be arsed to so much as drop a comment on any of the many posts I made regarding my illness. Your deep concern for my well-being is noted, folks, and will be repaid in kind if the occasion ever arises.
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