January 21st, 2013


At least they didn't pod me

Got my Badger full of PI goodies blown up tonight by a passing Loki because I wasn't keeping an eye on local. Jesus. You'd think I would have known better, even after a couple years away from the game. Welp. It was time for me to mongle news links for Stacy anyway.
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...and back to work.

Woke up this morning fully intending to go get replacement keys for the PO box, but then I remembered it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, on which we celebrate the legacy of a man who encouraged hard work by giving the government workers the day off, so the Post Office would be closed too. Meh. At least I got my garbage out in time. Tried out the Skyr for breakfast, and to be honest it was pretty disappointing. While it certainly lacked the acidic edge that most non-fat Greek yogurt has, and had the same creamy texture of the FAGE full-fat yogurt, it didn't impress me otherwise. It's certainly not worth $2.49 for a lousy seven-ounce container, especially not when Whole Foods has the aforementioned yogurt on sale for a buck a tub. Well, if I should happen to make it to Fanfest one of these days, at least I'll have an option besides rotten fermented shark.

While we're on the topic of food, I think I'm going to let my Costco membership slide until such time as I get a place of my own again. Buying foodz in bulk just isn't practical when you only have one shelf in the refrigerator to work with, and right now things are a little tight what with the repairs to the Toaster.

Speaking of which, I have to go pick up the new fender and turn signal from Fairfax Kia tomorrow, and will probably spend most of my morning watching (or waiting for) Carlos to mend all the Toaster's assorted ills, after which I'll take it back to Foxchase Shell and have them sign off on the inspection.
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