January 6th, 2013


a quiet weekend in the suburbs

I didn't do a whole lot yesterday or today; much of it's been taken up with domestic chores, blogging and Civicrack. Did go out yesterday to Harris Teeter for some low-carb bread and Diet Coke, but that was about it...was briefly tempted to go out today, but laziness prevailed. Tomorrow will be busy enough, what with meeting the cereal killer for coffee and conversation, having a word with the IRS, and stopping by Foxchase to find out WTF (if anything) is going on.

Finished An Army At Dawn, In The Lion's Mouth (it almost makes me want to download the other two novels in that series) and am currently reading The Tuloriad , which I see is now available for the Kindle through Amazon and not just through Baen.

Now I'm going to grab a ham sandwich and set about doing my Sunday night blogging...or maybe just crash early and go back to my normal sleep cycle.